Healthy Diet Plans – Our Recommendations for 2015

Below are our Top Choices for Healthy Diet Plans for 2015!  We have compiled a number of effective diet programs conveniently available online. Many people have committed to a diet plan and have greatly improved their physique.  Of course you want to look good in a bikini or eliminate the stubborn spare tire around your midsection.  By following an effective and well-known Healthy Diet Plan, you can achieve these goals as well as benefit from the following changes in your new lifestyle.

Our List of Top Diet Plans


Medifast is a healthy effective weight loss plan. More than a weight loss solution, the program is a lifestyle change. The low calorie portion controlled meals allows for faster weight loss. Medifast has been clinically tested to shed up to 2-5 pounds per week. The most popular plan is the 5-1: every day you eat 5 Medifast meals consisting of 70 different choices such as soft serve, shakes, stew, chili, iced teas, pretzel sticks, hot beverages, cheese puffs, crunch bars, brownies and pudding. In addition, you eat one Lean and Green Meal with a serving of lean protein and 3 servings of non-starchy vegetables. Enjoy the Lean and Green meal anytime of the day to match your lifestyle with the same amazing results. Medifast cost approximately $11 a day. Considering the average adult spends $16 a day on food this is a great value. For an even greater value we can offer free shipping plus up to a 26% savings on food.

Weight Watchers
Weight Watchers has a highly rated online plan you can access day or night from your mobile device and computer. The patented Weight Watchers OnlinePlus program is step by step help you stay on track with food, workouts and more. With Weight Watchers there are no required foods. It’s all about personalization. You get a database of 40,000 foods and 3,500 recipes! The program gives you the guidelines so you can take control of your own diet program. They arm you with the knowledge so you can continue to lose weight in any situation. Meetings are also, available if you need extra help. The standard monthly plan is $19.95 per month. Get One month Free today with their 3 month savings plan.

Diet to Go
Diet to Go is a diet delivery plan that is billed as having both tasty and economically priced meals. The simple plan takes all the fuss out of dieting. It works in 4 easy steps. First select from the online menu, order the plan, receive your plan and lose the weight. The nutritional delicious meals are like having your own nutritionist and take home chef. This plan is perfect for those who like good meals, but do not want to bother with preparing their own foods or counting calories. They offer traditional, vegetarian and no-carb plans to meet all dietary needs. Diet to Go has been helping people just like you lose weight, safely, quickly and naturally for 20 years. Prices range from $6.81 to $7.84 per meal. See the proven results yourself. We can offer up to 25% off your first order so you can discover the easy delicious path to weight loss.

Nutrisystem helps you lose weight and teaches you how to keep it off for life. Supported by the Scientific Advisory Board and backed by the glycemic index the plan is based on 40 years of science.  The plan stabilizes blood sugar with protein rich foods for optimal calorie burning. Nutrisystem combines prepared foods with fresh items from your local grocery store. You hand select your entire menu. Then meals are supplemented with Powerfuels and SmartCarbs from the supermarket. In addition, you create a member profile for free support and tools. Nutrisystem also encourages exercise with the My Daily 3 fitness program. Once you reach your weight loss goals Nutrisystem has a transition and maintenance plan to help you moving forward. Order with our diet coupons 2012 to save 50% off the 28 day auto delivery plan.

Similar to Diet to Go, BistroMD delivers meals to your home. You chose from one of four weekly plans consisting of the seven or five day option. Like a fine restaurant you tell BistroMD about the plans you enjoy do not like, religious preferences ad allergies. The chef’s and dieticians will create a customized menu just for you every week. They combine healthy carbs, protein and healthy fats for ultimate nutrition and personal weight loss. Meals are delivered to your home. All you have to do is accept the delivery, enjoy top quality cuisine and lose the weight. Plans range from $129.95 to $179.95 a week. Get started today for free delivery of your high quality fresh meals.

Important Considerations when Choosing a Diet Plan

Nutrition – With a diet plan you eat fewer calories. The food provided in a diet plan has better nutrition while changing your metabolism to burn calories. The vitamins and minerals in a healthy diet plan improve your health by improving your immune system and warding off disease.

Energy – As your metabolism starts perking up, your energy levels naturally rise. Plus, as you start losing weight your body needs less energy for daily movements. This leaves excess energy for more activities leading to even more weight loss.

Heart Health – The more weight your body carries the harder your heart has to labor to pump your blood. As the pounds shed, strain is relieved that otherwise could lead to a heart attack.

Digestion – Most diet plans will increase your fiber. The bacteria regulation from the fiber improves the digestive tract.

Confidence – Your slimming physique and added energy will make you feel better and increase your confidence and self-esteem. The boost will improve your body inside and out.

A diet plan can help you meet your goals simply and easily. We are here to help you find the best diet plan at the best possible price.  Here you will find healthy online diet plans with proven results.  As an added incentive to start your new life we provide the most up to date coupons on the most popular plans. With the best diets on the web at your fingertips and our special discounts there is no excuse to get started today.